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Overhauling of Engine

We at STEEL SURGERY SERVICES,the team having a confidence,superior knowledge & experience in every type of power plants,marine & off-shore based, two stroke &four stroke diesel engine,combined with our total dedication,sincerity & positive attitude, committing to serveour valuable clients,for saving there cost & time,by maintaining their machines &materials flawlessly..

We can offer overhaul and repair of any engine and have extensive experience with the below listed manufacturers :

  • Mak
  • MAN and MAN B&W
  • Deutz
  • Wartsila
  • Caterpillar
  • Yanmar
  • EMD

All engines pay special attention for dismantling, cleaning, inspection, repair, assembly and load trial as per OEM recommendation.

We can offer complete solutions slow speed, medium speed and high speed industrial and marine diesel engine, Governor, Turbocharger and supply of spare parts including ALSO , . Our management and employees are always willing to go the extra mile and our aim is to PROVIDE .the client with a highliy qualified and fast solution to the problem.

Reconditioning or structural repairs of engine parts is sourced out to qualified subcontractors for which we carry the guarantee.

We can dispatch only single Supervising Engineers or teams consisting of Supervising Engineers and experienced Engine Fitters/Turners. Our Fitters have all shipyard and /or Service experience.


            12V DAIHATSU
   18 V 32 MAN B&W 3.8MW    18 V 32 MAN B&W 3.8MW     18 V 32 MAN B&W 3.8MW    
           12V 23 HU B&W           12V 23 HU B&W
               12V 23 HU B&W              HANSHIN ENGINE    
        12V 23 HU B&W
               12V 23 HU B&W              HANSHIN ENGINE